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Our Services

Let us create immersion for you.


We will send you a free mock-up at the notion of your vision with some guidance. Send us your wants, and we will take care of the rest. 


No one likes mastering, but we do. Let us take care of all the equalizing so that your track can have nothing but “highs”.


Don’t like playing with volumes? Let us do it for you so you can become headache free. 

Trailer Music Consulting

No one enjoys great game or movie visuals with a soundtrack that just doesn’t add up. Let us create the hype for you with our seamless song choosing. If there is no right fit, we will write it ourselves at your discretion!

Sound Design

Nothing is more memorable than the interactive sounds a player endures during their immersion. Let us take care of that connection to memory with unforgettable audio ques that match your project environment.

Guitar Part Writing

Maybe you need some Mick Gordon Doom style chug. Maybe you need some Steve Vai epic scaling. We got you covered.

Contact Us

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